2016 Fall Conference Handouts

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Educational Sessions Handouts:

Curbside Chat
This presentation will focus on the financial health of our cities.

Why are our cities and towns so short of resources despite decades of robust growth?

  • Why do we struggle at the local level just to maintain our basic infrastructure?
  • What do we do now that the economy has changed so dramatically?

The answers are in the way we have developed; the financial productivity of our communities. This presentation is a game-changer for communities looking to grow more resilient and obtain true prosperity during changing times.
Charles Marohn
, Founder and President, Strong Towns

❖ Financial Policies: Getting Everyone on the Same Page (Instant Replay at 4:00 p.m.)
This session is based on GFOA’s recommended best practices for documenting accounting policies and  procedures as well as presentations made at the 2015 GFOA national conference. Instead of diving deep into individual policies, the session will focus on the creation, implementation, and revision of financial
policies as a whole. Also included will be some lessons learned as Irving begins the review and revision of existing policies.
Bret Starr, Budget Administrator, City of Irving

❖ Banking Changes – Why and What
Big changes in bank regulations are causing major changes in how the public sector is perceived by the banks and how it will affect bank bids and collateral going forward. This session will detail the changes and why they came about and then how this affects the public sector and what public sector entities must do to adjust.
Linda T. Patterson, President, Patterson & Associates

❖ Affective Communication Training (Instant Replay at 11:00 a.m.)
Do you have coworkers or family that you just can’t seem to connect with? You can’t seem to get your message across and don’t understand them? Come to this session and learn the gentle art of helping others see things your way…and maybe understanding things their way. This session will help you get their attention, maintain their attention, and get their commitment.
Jean Knight, ACT System Training

Property Tax Legislation
Laura Hill,
Mayor, City of Southlake

❖ Assets on the Disabled List? The Increasing Cost of Infrastructure Management
More and more Texas entities are realizing what aging communities in North America and beyond have already been forced to address. Streets are an asset on our books, but an exponentially increasing liability to our long-term fiscal health. Our prior methods of accounting, tracking, and reporting these needs have still fallen extremely short as management tools. More progressive governments are directly addressing this concern through asset management programs, which quantify the assets and their value in terms that provide decision opportunities. Join us here for a case study on how this one small town is addressing their needs with limited resources.
Bob Hart, ICMA-CM, City Manager, City of Kennedale; Gerry Wolting, CA, CPA, CFO and General Manager of Financial Planning & Strategic Alliances, Public Sector Digest; Matthew Van Dommelen, General Manager, Business Development and Implementation Public Sector Digest; and Krystal Crump, Finance Director, City of Kennedale

❖ Millennials in Local Government Finance 
According to Pew Research and the U.S. Census Bureau, millennials are now the largest represented generational group in the American workforce. The panelists involved in this session are all millennials who have a range of experience in government finance. They will be sharing insights, challenges, and opportunities that are ahead as the generational makeup of the local government workforce continues to change.
Panelists: Adrienne Lothery, Strategic Services Manager, City of Colleyville; Trevor Minyard, MBA, CGFO, Senior Financial Analyst, City of McKinney; Ryan P. Patterson, Strategic Services Auditor, City of Allen; and Caitlan Smelley, Assistant to the City Manager, Town of Addison

❖ Official Ruling 74 & 75
The new OPEB standards are just around the corner. This session will discuss the specific requirements of the standards and steps that can be taken now to ensure a smooth implementation.
Robert B. Scott, ACM/Chief Financial Officer, City of Carrollton

❖ How to Play by the Rules of the Game
Do your business dealings resemble a game? Is it a competition mixed with “fairness” and “good sportsmanship?” Join us as we pose questions to our panel of team coaches who will share strategies and their position on how to play by the rule book.
Miykael Reeve, Finance Director, City of Red Oak; and Monette Fisher, Senior Accountant, City of Decatur
Meeting Rooms 5-6

❖ Capital Improvement Planning and Budgeting
This session expands on utilizing multi-year planning for development and funding your CIP (Capital Improvement Program) from the perspective of two cities. Hear from the Town of Highland Park on how they developed and manage their pay-as-you-go program, and from the City of New Braunfels, which created an $86 million bond program.
Steven J. Alexander, Director of Administrative Services & CFO, Town of Highland Park; and Robert Camareno, City Manager, City of New Braunfels

❖ Rulebook Changes
This session will provide a high level overview of GASB Standards issued in the last two years including current projects being deliberated. Topics will include new pension statements, fair value accounting, tax rebate disclosures, the GAAP hierarchy, and more.
Robert B. Scott, ACM/Chief Financial Officer, City of Carrollton

❖ Introduction to the Municipal Bond Market (Instant Replay Friday at 8:10 a.m.)
This is designed to introduce the procedures of bond issuance in Texas, types of debt, who is involved, their role, and the more important legal aspects of a bond sale. The attendee will leave with a basic understanding of the complexities behind the issuance of municipal bonds.
Jason Hughes, Managing Director, FirstSouthwest, A Division of HilltopSecurities; and Jeff Gulbas, Associate Attorney, McCall, Parkhurst & Horton LLP


❖ Putting the Plan into Action: CFO as part of the Team
Tom joins us again for his colorful and insightful messages and thoughts. As a veteran city manager of many years, he shares his perspective on the role of the CFO on the executive team. His tips and suggestions are sure to leave you with ideas on how to implement some of the content learned in this fall’s program and how to more effectively engage as a leader on your organization’s management team.
Tom Hart, City Manager, City of Grand Prairie

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