2017-2018 Nominations and Elections

The GFOAT Nominating Committee has recommended the following individuals for their candid willingness to serve as well as their unmatched dedication to the organization.  In addition, they have demonstrated impeccable leadership qualities via committees and conference participation. The 2017-2018 nominations are:

Robert (Bob) Scott, Carrollton President-Elect

Keith Dagen, Richardson Secretary

Sidney Kirk, Weatherford North Representative

Sandra Mattick, Boerne South Representative

Chris Sharp, Canyon West Representative

Consistent with GFOAT’s constitution, the slate of officer will be submitted to the voting membership on April 10 at the Business meeting for a vote.
Please take some time to get to know your GFOAT Board Nominees!

Article V – Officers

Election Procedures

Officer positions shall be filled by an election held at the Association’s annual spring meeting. In instances when a spring conference is not held or when specially called by the board, the membership will be presented with a slate of officers and will vote via internet or direct mail.

At least three months prior to the election, the President of the Association shall appoint a nominating committee of at least five active members and notice of the appointment of the committee and the members thereof shall be published in membership communication of the Association as soon after the appointment as practical. One of the members shall be the immediate past president who shall act as chair of the committee. The remaining four members shall include two individuals who have served as a member of the Board of Directors and two individuals selected from the active membership of the Association.

The President shall serve as Advisor to the committee. The nominating committee shall name one qualified member from the active membership body as nominee for each of the positions to be filled and shall then notify the President of the nominees.

The election of the president-elect and each of the positions to be filled shall be at the Association’s annual Spring meeting, or the internet or direct mail alternative when needed. The nominating committee chair shall present at the meeting a slate of candidates for the offices of president elect and positions to be filled. If not held at Spring meeting, the nominating committee chair shall present the slate of candidates to the general membership via the internet or direct mail in advance of the election deadline.

Additional nominations for the positions, except for the president-elect, may be made from the floor and voting shall be held for the positions. In the event of an internet or direct mail election, additional nominations can occur as write-in candidates and votes submitted on those candidates, providing they have filed with the executive director in accordance with established deadlines. The person receiving the largest number of votes cast for each position to be filled shall be declared elected. In case of tie vote, the office or position will be determined by lot. In the instance of electronic or direct mail voting, the vote will be tallied and ratified by the board at its next meeting or via phone or email conference.

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