GFOAT- COVID-19 Update-April 1

GFOAT Members and Sponsors,

Our world has changed so much in the last 30 days. We have gone from putting the finishing touches on our spring conference and trying to wrap our heads around Senate Bill 2 to social distancing and sheltering in place. We are making decisions daily regarding the safety and security of our citizens and employees while trying to finalize our audits and begin the budget process.

Although our founders in 1933 would never have guessed that we would be faced with a pandemic, I do believe we exist to promote excellence in government finance and to build valuable relationships. Now more than ever, GFOAT is here for you.

The GFOAT Board is meeting virtually on a bi-weekly basis to ensure that the organization continues to move forward. We are working on virtual training opportunities so that members can stay current. Budgeting 101, Governmental Accounting Academy, and Senate Bill 2 trainings are greatly needed among the membership. The Board will discuss the best course of action and timing for these trainings.

Here are some other valuable resources you may find useful:

1.  Remember to use the GFOAT Forum Listserv to reach out to other members.

2.  TML publishes updates on the COVID-19. These updates along with other valuable information can be found at the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources page.

3.  GFOAT will periodically post training opportunities you can access on the remote training tab. GFOA offers several webinars to ensure you get training and the national conference is moving to a virtual platform.

4.  Staff is still working. Please reach out if you need guidance or have questions

·     Martie Simpson GFOAT Executive Director – 254-223-0885

·     Lavern Gaines Affiliate Association Manager, TML – 512-231-7447

·     Tristan Gideon Affiliate Association Coordinator (CGFO), TML – 512-231-7453

·     Bill Longley Legislative Counsel, Texas Municipal League

All GFOAT face-to-face meetings have been cancelled until May 11, 2020, pursuant to the CDC recommendations. We will continue to monitor the CDC recommendations as well as the Governor’s executive orders and will update the membership accordingly.

Senate Bill 2 worksheets as well as the notice are not available yet. Here are frequently asked questions from TML on Senate Bill 2 and the effects of the Governor’s disaster declaration on the bill to help in the interim. If you have questions you can reach out to Bill Longley.

Washing our hands after touching almost anything has become our new routine during these times. Some of us have grown so tired of singing “Happy Birthday!” If you’re tired as well, here are some other songs with 20-second choruses you might try:

·     “Take on Me” by A-ha
·     “Jolene” by Dolly Parton
·     “Raspberry Beret” by Prince
·     “Truth Hurts” by Lizzo
·     “Stayin’ Alive” by the Bee Gees (like that CPR scene from “The Office”)
·     “Africa” by Toto

Take care of yourselves and your families. We look forward to seeing you all when we are over the hump.

GFOAT President, Board, and Executive Director