Our Home Our Decisions

GFOAT Members,

As your GFOAT representative on the TML Board of Directors, I want you to be aware of TML’s Our Home, Our Decisions campaign.  The goal of the campaign is to raise awareness about the State of Texas eroding the ability of Texans to have a voice in developing local solutions to local problems that affect their neighborhoods and communities.  A video and handout have been developed to inform citizens of this growing problem.  These materials should be shared with business, professional, social, charitable, and neighborhood organizations as well as individuals who serve on city boards and commissions.  Citizen involvement will be critical in the next legislative session.

Recently, the Webster City Council approved a resolution expressing opposition to legislative interference with local services, local revenue, and local control.  I have attached a copy of this simple resolution and ask that you consider a similar item for your city.  Also attached is a “Websterized” PowerPoint presentation that was adapted from the TML template.  It is very easy to insert your own city’s pictures to make this your own.

Resolution No.18-27

PowerPoint Presentation

Please spread the word of this very real threat that we face.

Mike Rodgers
Director of Finance and Administration
City of Webster