Internship Scholarship Program


The GFOAT Internship Scholarship Program engages local government leaders to cultivate and develop the next generation by offering an internship experience funded partially through a GFOAT Internship Scholarship.

Host City Application  


The Internship Scholarship is open to all qualified Texas local governments with at least one GFOAT active member in good standing. To be considered as a host city candidate, you must submit a host city application to the Scholarship/Fellowship Committee by July. All host city applications will be reviewed to ensure eligibility, and the final candidate will be chosen randomly by the committee. The host city awardee will be responsible for complying with employment laws and regulations for the intern, and must:

• Have at least one active GFOAT member in the organization.
• Provide a minimum of 300 hours of supervised work experience to be completed over one year, at a minimum of $10 hourly compensation.
• Be responsible for finding, selecting, mentoring, and supervising a qualified student.
• Offer exposure to budgeting, finance, or accounting to prepare the awardee for a future position in local government finance.
• Encourage the intern awardee to attend GFOAT related events during the internship period. GFOAT will cover event expenses as part of the Internship Scholarship.

The host city will be responsible for finding a qualified student enrolled as an accounting undergraduate or a related major. The student should be in good standing from an accredited Texas college or university with a desire to work in the government finance field.

To be considered, host city applications must be received by July. The city has 12 months to complete the internship program.

The Host will receive up to $2500 for the Internship Scholarship or the cost incurred for employment, whichever is lower.


  • Strong desire to work in government finance
  • General academic performance
  • Leadership qualities through involvement in school activities or volunteer organizations


  • Fulfill duties assigned by host government in a satisfactory manner
  • Prepare a report of the internship experience including an evaluation of the program at the end of the internship period and submit to the GFOAT Scholarship/Fellowship Committee

HOST GOVERNMENT ENTITY CRITERIA                                                           

  • Have at least one active GFOAT member
  • Be willing to provide a minimum of 300 hours over a 10 to 12 week internship period; between May 1 and August 31
  • Be willing and able to pay selected intern student a minimum of $10 per hour as a part-time employee with no benefits
  • Be willing and able to expose the student intern to a broad range of finance and accounting functions


Provide student intern with valuable work experience across a broad range of finance and accounting functions such as the following:

  • Provide proper supervision and mentoring of the student intern
  • Commitment from senior management of finance to provide intern with a valuable experience
  • Allow intern to participate in GFOAT related events during internship period
  • Prepare an evaluation of the student intern and the overall program at the end of the internship period and submit to GFOAT Scholarship/Fellowship Committee