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President’s Message

Fall Conference Was Great but What Have You Done for Me Lately?

WOW, what a great conference! We unveiled our new logo and website, and had national speakers representing GFOA, GASB, and the AICPA. We received a great and fairly optimistic overview of both the Texas and national economy and of course we heard in detail about the upcoming legislative session in Austin. I also received very positive feedback regarding the session “What Every Finance Officer Needs to Understand About IT” and we will be planning more technical but practical sessions to help us deal with this rapidly changing and increasing technology world we operate in.

Perhaps the most important aspect of the conference however, was something that most attendees never saw: the GFOAT Board’s strategic planning retreat. Our world, our skill sets, citizen expectations, technology, and our membership are all changing and we the Board realize how vital it is for GFOAT to evolve just as quickly. Accordingly, we had a planning retreat prior to the conference that identified certain recurring themes with related goals. These are:

  • Reinforce Professionalism and Integrity
  • Strengthen Member Knowledge and Skills
  • Grow an Active Membership
  • Develop Future Leaders

I would do each of these goals an injustice if I was to try to describe them in this short piece so instead I encourage you to follow this link to view the six brief slides that summarize the retreat. Feel free to post your impressions on the site as the Board will be turning these slides into action items at our January Board meeting and we need your feedback. Please complete this short survey (coming soon) to assist us in developing our plan. In addition, we have already begun several initiatives, including:

  • Updates on TMRS by GFOAT’s TMRS Liaison Casey Srader, with the first installment posted now on GFOAT’s new blog. Be sure to visit the blog regularly for news and updates on GFOAT.
  • I am willing to present “Developing Effective Controls for the 21st Century” at any regional roundtable with two takers north Texas and panhandle already signing up.
  • The second Governmental Accounting Academy will be offered in Austin February 19-21, 2019.

Please provide us your input and take advantage of the development opportunities we are offering.


The best is ahead!