Communication Committee


Cayce Lay LamasCPA, Finance Director
Town of Westlake (817) 430-0861


Mission Statement
The primary responsibility the Communications Committee Chair is to facilitate the distribution of information to members through the GFOAT website.

The committee chairpersons shall be the publisher with the following responsibilities:

  • Development of editorial philosophies
  • Ensure website is maintained in accordance with adopted editorial policies
  • Selection of the managing editor and/or webmaster
  • Negotiation of annual contract with managing editor and/or webmaster
  • Compile and submit budget to the Association’s Board after review by Communications Committee
  • Evaluate and submit recommendations to the Association’s Board for GFOAT website
  • Provide feedback to GFOAT Board on performance of Webmaster

The committee members, including the Chair shall have the following responsibilities:

  • Review and approve articles submitted for publication
  • Solicit technical articles and articles of interest
  • Attend committee meetings held at the Association’s Spring and Fall conferences
  • Evaluate and review and make recommendations for GFOAT website

Editorial Philosophy

The communications committee will strive to achieve the following goals and objectives:

The Communication’s Committee’s goals are to publish current information concerning GFOAT members, appropriate technical articles and articles of interest, to inform members of upcoming events utilizing an integrated website format with updates at least once each month.


  • Meet on a consistent basis and adhere to deadlines for publications as approved by the Committee
  • Provide a medium for communication of GFOAT Board and Committee policies and actions to the membership
  • Provide information in form and content which will attract reader attention and interest
  • Assist members with the advancement of personal careers by posting of job openings
  • Promote cooperation with other committees and the regional directors and encourage regional news reporting