Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Promoting Excellence in Government Finance!

Strategic Plan

GFOAT is committed to providing innovative, engaging, and accessible training to support the professionalism and integrity of the finance official.

  • Members’ behavior is always ethical and ethical considerations are at the forefront of their decision making.
  • Members are seen as politically neutral, fact-based professionals.
  • GFOAT is the go-to source for reliable government financial information.

GFOAT is committed to strengthening members’ knowledge and skills by being the go-to training organization for the professional development of government finance officials in Texas.

  • Develop strong educational content with significant Continuing Professional Education (CPE) opportunities using nationally recognized training resources.
  • Focus on technology-driven content delivery options for specialized training.
  • Leverage a large network of knowledgeable members and sponsors serving as subject matter experts and trainers.

Recognizing that members only benefit from active participation, GFOAT will strive to:

  • Develop a right-sized range of offerings that will engage more members.
  • Proactively adapt and change as the needs of the organization change.
  • Have a special focus on efforts to engage and support small and rural communities.

GFOAT is committed to the sustainability of the organization and the finance profession.

  • Use personal outreach to develop leadership through active committee membership and identifying future board members.
  • Provide multiple venues of participation to those new to the government profession in Texas.
  • Provide low-cost, value-driven leadership training resources for future leaders.