TMRS Advisory Committee

Casey Scrader, Budget Manager, City of Plano

First and foremost, I wanted introduce myself to everyone and to also thank you so very much for your confidence in me by nominating me to serve as the GFOAT Representative to the TMRS Advisory Committee on Benefit Design.  I know most of you already and hopefully, you know me as well.  As all of you already know, I will be replacing Keith Dagen as the primary GFOAT Representative and Keith will serve as GFOAT’s Alternate Representative in addition to Secretary.  I realize I have very big shoes to fill and I truly appreciate the opportunity to serve in this capacity.  I want to give a heartfelt thanks to Keith for helping me to “learn the ropes” so to speak and we are working together to make this transition as smooth as possible for everyone.  Again, thank you Keith for your continued guidance.

To say that I have a definite interest and passion for pensions/retirement plans is somewhat of an understatement.  I currently serve as the Budget Manager for the City of Plano and during my 22+ years with this organization, I have served several roles as it relates to pensions.  In particular, I very recently served as a Committee member on the City of Plano’s RSP (Retirement Security Plan) Committee and finished my tenure on this Committee as the Chair.  This is the City’s single-employer, defined benefit pension trust fund that we manage in lieu of social security.  Currently, I am serving as the Chair of the City of Plano’s 457 Oversight Committee.  This Committee, in conjunction with ICMA-RC, not only provides deferred compensation guidance but also promotes and stresses the importance of deferred compensation investment to all employees at the City of Plano.  Finally, I am currently serving a second term on GFOA’s National Committee on Retirement and Benefits Administration (CORBA).  Being a part of this Committee has truly been an eye-opening experience and has exposed me to a very wide array of local and national issues impacting pension plans.  I feel that all of these past and current experiences have helped prepare me to serve in this role.  Again, I appreciate the opportunity!

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