President’s Message


It is that most wonderful time of year.  Sparkling lights brighten the cold nights.  Children anxiously await the appearance of that jolly fellow in a red suit.  Even the grumpiest person seems a little less grouchy than usual.

This is a period of giving.  As you make plans for next year, I ask that you consider donating your talent to GFOAT.  One way to do that is by joining a committee.  Whether you like reviewing proposed legislation, speaking to college students, or planning future conferences, there is at least one committee for you.  If that isn’t your bag, grab a coworker and attend one of your regional meetings.  What’s that?  Your region doesn’t have regularly scheduled meetings?  Well then, start one yourself!  All it takes is a little desire.  After all, active participation will be the key to a long-lasting organization.

Christmas is also a time to reflect upon the many blessings that we have.  The greatest of these are perhaps the simplest: Faith, Hope, and Love.  With those three things, we share a common bond of friendship, caring, and enjoying the human experience together.  Enjoy the gifts that God has delivered into your life.

Happy Holidays to you all!

Michael Rodgers
GFOAT President



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