Membership Eligibility and Dues

GFOAT membership is available in five categories: Active, Associate, Faculty/Student, Retiree, and Honorary.

Active Members – Any governmental officials, whether elected or appointed, in public jurisdictions of the United States government, state government, local city or a special district in Texas.
Associate Members – Any persons not eligible for active membership but who are interested in the furtherance and enhancement of the practice of governmental finance.
Faculty/Student Members – Individuals employed in higher education or full-time students enrolled in a college or university.
Retiree Members – May be held in the Association by a person who was a member of GFOAT upon retiring from the profession and desires to maintain a relationship with the Association.
Honorary Members – Bestowed by the active membership on any individual whose record of professional accomplishment in the public finance field makes him/her an outstanding example for all finance officers, and whose contributions to the profession qualifies him/her for such designation.

Annual dues are assessed each July according to the following membership classification and tier structure:
Active Members

City population of 5,000 and under
City population of 5,001-25,000
City population of 25,001-75,000
City population of over 75,000
Other governments
Associate Members
Retiree Members
$ 60
$ 80
$ 80
$ 80
$ 80

Dues for new members joining GFOAT from January – June will  be assessed at one-half the annual rate.

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