Lynn F. Anderson Fellowship



OBJECTIVE – The objective of the Fellowship in Governmental Finance is to help those persons interested in local governmental finance achieve educational excellence while providing Texas cities with professional financial decision-makers.

FUNDING – The Fellowship is a $5,000 ($2,500 per semester) scholarship awarded for a period of one year.

 STRATEGY – The strategy has been to notify as many institutions and agencies as possible in order to afford this opportunity to as many individuals as possible.  During the time a recipient is receiving the Fellowship, every effort is made to include the recipient in as many GFOAT activities as possible in order to gain the maximum exposure for the recipient as well as GFOAT.


Fellowship Brochure

Advertise and Promote – Through July

Application deadline – Must be post marked on/or before July 31

 Interviews (if required) – September

Notify Recipient – no later than September 30th

Recognize Recipient – Fall and/or Spring GFOAT conference


Once the application is submitted, selection is made for eligible candidates to interview.  After award of the Fellowship, appropriate documents must be transmitted to secure funds.  Participation at the GFOAT Fall and Spring Conferences is also provided to recipient.  See calendar for scheduling dates.


 Please review the following criteria that will be used in the evaluation process by the Scholarship/Fellowship/Foundation Committee:

  1. The period of the Fellowship is one year commencing with the fall semester.
  2. Students enrolled part-time (less than nine graduate hours per semester) while working full-time in a city or other governmental entity will be considered; however, only after first priority has been given to full-time graduate students.
  3. The amount of the Fellowship will be $5,000, which will not be divided among multiple winners. There will be only one winner each year.
  4. The winner will be required to submit periodic progress reports outlining courses taken, grades received, and special assignments completed.
  5. The $5,000 Fellowship will be provided in equal amounts at the beginning of the recipient’s first two semesters.
  6. Applicants must be a Texas resident prior to receiving any Fellowship money and must be accepted to attend a Texas University or College.